12gauge is an artist , a producer, a song-writer and a founder of a music production company called Exacize Muzik. He’s from Spritview in the East Rand and been doing music since high school.
Who got you into theGame?
My older brother got me in to Hip-Hop music.
If you weren’t in Hip hop, what would you be?
If I wasn’t in Hip-Hop, I would be a Chef.
What’s the motive behind your mixtape “From Drama with Love”?
Basically the story behind the title is that all the drama that happened in my life was to build me as a person and not to break me. The music is about my life.
Big Guns worked with?
I’ve worked with a few good artist, I’ve worked with Kid X producing a track called Cool As You Like.

What Modivated you to start Exacize Muzik?
I started a production company because I felt that producers did not understand the vision and the sound I wanted to create, so I had to create my own sound.

One word to describe 12Gauge?
What changes will 12Gauge bring in the Hip hop Game?
I will bring Life in to Music.

What more can we expect from12Gauge?
Expect more music.
People can find me on;
Facebook, twitter, Instagram
Word of Motivation
Don’t do what you think is right, it all starts with you, if you believe it’s right then it’s right.
Shout outs
To everyone who ever taken their time to give my work an ear.

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