Born in Mpumalanga, Secunda and Raised in Secunda and Phalaborwa MicLord first began his musical career in 2017, but never released songs that year, he only recorded due to lack of experience. He is currently working on his debut Mixtape that’s dropping in 2020.
Mic Lord was one of the youngest rapper in Phalaborwa to do it the most in 2019, he released four Bangers that were positively received and he is doing good on SoundCloud he is almost on 3000 overall streams with just three songs uploaded there. In December 2019 an online blogger based in Uganda wrote a blog about him, promoting his upcoming Mixtape, he was the first artist to do such without a Manger, doing it independently.
Who got you into the Rap game?
I think it’s just the hip hop culture In General cause as I was growing up, I used to love hip hop. I used to nag my mother so she can give me her phone to listen to hip hop
Who is your Main inspiration into this hip hop game?
I can’t decide the main inspiration but I can name a few and that would be: Kendrick Lamar, Poodieville,Jay Z, A-Reece,Touchline, YBN Cordae, Drake & Young thug & Nasty C
What makes a good hop hop artist in your opinion? 
The way I write my lyrics, The way I flow on a beat and basically my  poetry & Creativity
What is the good and the bad thing about hip hop in your hood according to your experiences? 
I just moved out of Phalaborwa, I ain’t staying there anymore, I’m now In Gauteng, Springs so I don’t know anything about the music here, but in Phalaborwa I can say  Pride & Lack of support is killing young phb Artists and the good thing about it is that; there is alot of talent, and that talent won’t go to waste if we would all work together and put every negativity aside and focus on building a future for Phb
Would you consider Mic Lord as the king of rap around phalaborwa or there’s other competitors? 
Yeah Yeah!! I’m one of the youngest hip hop Artists to ever come out of Phalaborwa. so yeah i believe I am king cause that’s what most people refer me as they refer me as the “Young King” I believe I can outrap everyone in my age group & in a respective way, I don’t see no competition, I just see Artists that are very good and dope but you know rappers don’t like having competition so yeah I don’t see competition
Mic Lord… What is the Story behind this stage name? 
To be honest, this stage name I got it when I was 13,  my previous stage name was Kiddy Amber but I thought it was a bit to complicated for me to say the reason behind it, so I decided to change it to Mic Lord and actually I was given this stage name by my brother who is also a Rapper.
How is the response from family and friends towards your music journey?
My mom knows I’m doing rap music but she ain’t really a fan of it, so 😂she doesn’t like rap, she says it’s the “devil’s music” but my father is supportive and says I can do rapping as a hobby cause he wants me to focus more on my studies but yeah some of my friends are very very supportive when it comes to my music
What is the motive behind your music… what do you mostly write about and why?
i usually write about the factors that are negatively affecting the Youth, and I talk about realistic things am more into story telling, and yeah my songs always have a story behind them and I talk about the things that are affecting our Hip hop industry in SA and also record labels that are mistreating Artists but my latest one is a freestyle
Listen to Mic Lord-YOUNIVERSE (Prod. Waysebeats & Cactus) by MicLord_SA on #SoundCloud
Shout Outs
I’d like to give a shout out to my day ones that’s Reggie Provs, Nash 94, Two Face Soldier and I’d like to give a shout out to the United Bangers that’s an establishment by me & my brother.
Shout out to Waysebeats,GunnerBeatz, Cactus… they have contributed alot in the production process of my music & not forgetting Tower of Arts, that’s my graphic designer of cause he has always been there for me from the start I appreciate him alot he is behind all my artworks a hella talented guy.
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