Artist: ER Beats
Title : Mpulele Ft SlumKidd, Mopedy and Cruz Afrika

015 eyaay
Modhadjo (tags)
Mangwane-ya kgalemele dimpša tjaago (Edha o mpulele)
Edha o  mpulele (Ao mpulele)
Edha o mpulele ah  yeah (Ao, ao mpulele)
Edha o mpulele o kgalemele dimpša tjaago
(2nd Verse ER Beats)
I got lotta girls call me Xinyori
Unwani hi loyi and she down for the nyoshi
Vonani! Ulo ghaa hi xikosi
But I ain’t even gonna make her makoti
I love my girl my girl speaking Tsonga Sho Madjozi
Manwu tiva hi dume hi phone nwanaloyi
All these bitches dowdy loyi wa tsemelela
She ain’t twerking she all about xibelane
I take the call from one of the stock
I asked her “watchu call me for”? (Uh)
She told she around the block
For dollar sign
I’m taking ass and chest out
We doing numbers like lottery 69
Girl I know you fell in love with my 4 5
Lemme eat you on the dinner table with no fork and knife
Oh yeah you now messing with a savage
Is that big I see between your thighs babe ?
Oh Gawd I never knew what I’ve been missing lately
Your head game too heavy than Jacob Zuma’s
Now like (Tss tss) but ain’t a premature
(3rd Verse Cruz Afrika)
Ok Yah
Eh f’tsek! F’tsek! (tsek tsek)
Eh f’tsek! F’trek! (tsek tsek) nonke ngisfuna zonke
Eh f’tsek! F’tsek! (tsek tsek)
Eh f’tsek! F’tsek! (tsek tsek) nonke ngis’thatha zone
Mangwane mpulele, dintša tse ke di tshollele (yhuu)
Yah! Ke kgale bare juta ma-gang
Bona ba re thiba ma-gang
Now we dropping heats le ma-gang
I just wanna fuck up the game then pull out
Y’all niggas tripping you fucking my come up
They used to leave my niggas outside
Now they wanna meet outside
Fuck you! (Yeah)
I don’t fuck with ’em (I don’t fuck with ’em)
They used to close doors for my niggas now we bought the whole building my nigga
xxx End xxx
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