Artist: F.D.L

Tittle: LOCO




Damn you got me Loco×2.


an obatla nyoko baby×2.

should have listened to mama when she said watch all the games that she plays,


damn you got me loco.. ×baby 2,

an obatla nyoko..×2baby,

she sipin on the low,

she be creeping on the low baby ×2

she be sipin on the low,she be drinking on the low..

baby ,damn you got me Loco×2…baby×2




she don’t need no man omotshabe,

she only know do it for for the gram Kang Kane,

baby you only know chinnel ntobezana,

onething i can tell that you hot×3

you said you love me long time,

then again was a lie baby.

man you know the moments when you blind you think its romance baby,

i know the things you wanna  know,

i do the Tings that make your toes go crazy×2

damn you run the show an you fine from head to toe baby×2

Mara why weketsa Popeye Mara why weketsa popeye baby,

Mara why weketsa Popeye Mara why onketsa popeye×2

Mara onketsa Popeye Mara why onketsa Popeye




baby don’t lie you know you need i why you lying on the phone baby,

lala see the signs i might just co-sign its a joke i know you fine baby,

approach her curves with caution an i know you get the motion baby×2,

you talk a good game you bring a loot shit an you know I aint rocking with it baby×2,

only time will tell if you be my only one but for now you got me going crazy×2


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