Nnnchooooh… I feel like Crying 😢 😂😂
I’m kidding Lol… but wow thank you so much, yoh i feel amazing… i wish i took a video for this lol..
But wow guys I feel awesome, I woke up this morning and told God that You know what? Thank You so much for this amazing life, character and personality that You gave me.❤
There’s so many people who lost their lives before reaching my age, including My Friends 😔😔 i Miss them…
But hey I feel Blessed that this day finally came…
Rap type Mag started as a Dream just like any Organization, but mine actually started as a Joke, and today it is where it is by the Love and Grace of God, I mean starting a Magazine with just a smart phone and it grows like this… wow it’s amazing.
Big Shout out to a lot of people who were and are still part of this Journey,  but allow me to send a Shout out to Jacqui Rogers…
You know why I send you a Shout out J…
Shout out to My Big Loving Family 👪 , Friends everyone who’s reading this, I want to extend my Love to You Guys… and Oh… Shout out to Swaine… 😂😂
Expect More from Rap type Magazine yo…
My Jam for today is JoyStick 🕹 by Me lol…
I’m Out 🎂🎂🎂

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