Rapper, Singer and Song Writer Jabulani Jay has released a single entitled JoyStick.

JoyStick is a song that is all about the fantasy the girls dream of having when they are with guys. Jabulani Jay wrote this song saying that he has a Magic Stick that Girls call a JoyStick.
Jay advertises his JoyStick to these Girls, Telling them how fine it is and what it can make them feel (of which is the feeling that they wish to have every time they visit a guy)

The song took about 3 days to record but took about two weeks to mix and master.

“It took this long because we had to make sure that everything is on point. The mixing and mastering took time as Dollar Cream wanted to do his best on it. So yeah it came out beautiful as expected” ~ Jabulani Jay

This is Jabulani Jay’s second single. The first single is called

">All i Wanna where he featured Dollar Cream.

Now He is Back with


Aavailable for Streaming and Download on the links below :


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