Artist: Lady Pace
Title: Hello
Mmmm oh yeah!! Oh yeah Mmmm yeah
[Chorus] x2
Hello, I think I like your smile
Hello baby ,you know you drive me Nuts
apoalipo Tamatana afune,olo asafune
(When I see you it’s like an over view ,if you leave me I won’t get over you)
[Verse 1]
Bonnie and Clyde got nothing on us
I think I love you like home and Mars
Let me change my life status
1-2 like Fat and Ass
Fantasies rolling doughnut
I see my future like am on it
I know they like me like a grown up
I got balls (whole nut)
Am a boss on you baby,you like to control me I love to control you that’s why we’re controlling,that’s why we can throw in,
A few bars like own em
A few bones like we bonnin’
A few souls like we sold in
I’m high like on codeine
On the phone like you called in
[Chorus] x2
I ain’t gotta play you like a radio
Amma ride you like a rodeo
Sippin’ on juice play the Stereo
Raise it up, tune up like a studio session
Tchai baby ,you are my baby ,I am high lately ,baby you ain’t ever had this kind of touch maybe
Nah? High 5 five baby
Hold your hand like we on the moon yah
sliding Grinding and on the move yah
Sometimes I say I really wanna hype it up
But the motions got me spinning and I wrap it up
When I hear your song you smile hey baibe my song
And then you switch it up,and then I turn around ,that’s when you hit me up,wattup/
[Chorus] x2
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