I’m an 18 year old independent rapper/ singer/ songwriter/ record producer from Marble-Hall, Limpopo and after my bad matric results I moved to Pretoria Central for greener pastures where I’m still based at currently. I’ve been rapping for about 5/6 years now and I’ve also got 2 years experience of music production.
Who or what got you into Hip hop?
At the age of 9 I started poetry with the encouragement from my English teacher as she complemented my grammar and versatility to apply writing skills then I started writing ever since… After 3 years, a week or two before my 12th birthday my father passed away where I went through depression and stopped writing. I would listen to RnB to escape being suicidal and it made me want to sing but I couldn’t at the time. Then at age of 13 I’ve noticed Nas and other hip-hop moguls such as Jay Z, Pro kid (R.I.P), Siya Shezi and others then learnt I can also do music even if I can’t sing, I then started following hip-hop and wrote my first raps at 14 and improved  great with my poetry background.
What is the bad and good thing about hip hop according to your experiences?
I wouldn’t say anything bad about it… it’s just that it’s rapidly growing and with many people at it, the industry becomes more strict in acknowledging and/ or opening for new talent because some just do it to gain fame then quit and start something else then abandon it… It’s good because   when you at it, more people (fans) start noticing you and giving you all the attention and the love which comes in handy when you need something. With it’s wide range you get more gigs then get paid and an extra income from doing what you love is cool.

What is the Motive behind your writings? (Especially Your Latest Tracks)
Every-time I write, I make sure that it connects to everyone who’s listening by observing situations, my emotions, people around me and everything that a human engages with.
Who are the great artists or organizations that you have worked with in this Music industry?
As an independent artist, it’s hard to get around great artists/organizations because they undermine you, but I’ve managed to engage with Wizibeatz(produced Couldn’t by A-Reece ft Emtee, Monifere by Ntukza and for other artists i.e Fifi Cooper, Zingah, Mshoza and more), Bentley Records, Thami Phoenix and currently on a table with Luca Dayz (U.S) and Frost (S.A)
Is U.S Hip hop different from other Countries? What’s your say in this?
Well… I see U.S hip-hop different from that of any other countries. It’s delivery, sound and quality is leading… the artists and the labels there support each other making it to be invincible and strong, they also have a great marketing strategies and promoters.

What changes will Seazer McCall bring to the Rap Hip hop industry in the near future?
I’m bringing change, bars, punch-lines and more competition so rappers would get off their seats and start battling and doing the most… I also want to encourage other rappers that you don’t have to sample anyone’s work, creating your new sound and rhythm is what makes you unique and makes fans to inhale a new foreign sound and image giving you more advantage and spotlight to be the best of you.
How is the Response from Family and Friends that you are in the Hip hop Game?
My mom despise the fact and my aunt tries to be a little bit supportive although she’s scared that I might end up no where and collapse… but my friends are very supportive, they wish to see me make it.
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If anyone wants to reach out to me they can just Google ‘SeazerMcCall’
Facebook page: Seazermccallza
Twitter @seazermccall
Instagram: @seazermccall_sa
What are the wise words from Seazer McCall to the other upcoming artist who wish to reach where you are?
Never give up, keep on doing and doing! Every sacrifice should be worth it… network with as many artists and organizations as you can even if it’s for free. Remember to try and fail but never fail to try! Most importantly, do everything that you need to do to climb to the next podium and always be humble to everyone
Shout Outs
My shout outs go to my fans, Wizibeatz, WhaleBrilo for producing 97% of my upcoming Ep “DesufNoc DNA DediciusD.D.D for short, Bentley Records, Warner Music Group A&Rs for encouraging me to keep on going, and everyone who’s never heard the name yet!

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