Should Have Said Am American is about a guy who looks like an American/Colored but grew up in a Society.

He made his local community ask themselves why aren’t they pretty as he is and they thought there was something wrong with them. Every time they saw this guy they got angry and ended up hating him and made life difficult for him because it was easy for him to get girls.
The album is produced by McWlsn himself and was recorded at Absolute Ink Recording Studios which is based in Vosloorus.
“This album had 7 songs but were cut to 4 because the other 3 were not relevant to the album’s title
The title track or the main track is “God Look Alike” and the story behind the song is to motivate those who feel less of themselves.
The message I’m trying to release through this album is to show those who get upset or angry at me for how I look, that they must learn to appreciate themselves the way they look and not compare themselves to others.” Said McWlsn
Though this album has 4 songs, McWlsn is not planning to do any deluxe, the next will be a brand new one.
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