I’m a kid from a township called Ivory Park and I am known by my stage name “M6Teen” .
I’m a vernacular (kasi) rapper and Doing music is what keeps me going
Why Hip hop?
I saw hip hop as something I can use to express my feelings about everything happening around me.
Response from family and friends?
The response is positive, I get full support from my family and friends. They relate to my music.

What is the motive behind your writings? Especially the latest “Laqhasha” ft Mickey M
Well… About the concept of the track, I liked the character “Laqhasha” from a comedy show titled “Sgud is Nice“. I’m describing my music like what Laqhasha was doing onΒ  the scene.

Great Peopleworked with?
It has to be JasperHQ, Mickey M, iKilla, Fistola, Tweezy and Dj Sliqe… just to name a few…
You appeared on the programme *One Mic* that plays on *SABC 1* and you won some battles, how was the experience and what was the key that you used to win those battles?
Well… I had a great experience there… And I won because on that stage I was just being me.

One word to describe M-6teen?
Who intimidates you around your hood?
There’s a lot of them
Word of Inspiration
All I can is that “Be yourself and nobody else but You“! Believe in yourself in everything you do. Faith is key.
Catch M-6teen On:
Facebook – M6Teen SA
Twitter – @M6Teen_85
Instagram @M6TEENSA
That’s where people can get my music
Shout outs
I’d like to send a Shout Out to my mother…She’s the one who raised a King

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