Artist: Neoza Molf
Track: Just Fun

I just wana have sum fun,
Manyora le banyana  tlangkwano,
We can party from today till kaosane,
We can meet up later ko dishopong later  jampas,
Sweety Mabebeza wabona ditlantshang?
Ima do what u want ekse ele ke ding,
Dlala ka letheka ke tlale  maseding
We just here for the fun why killing the vibe?
I bring the heat aftr he kaofela batlo itse
I got a pool full of liquor
And Crip full of ninjas
Yeh we all game 2 with that lil  fun,
Nvm dat momy wadi boko banse,
AIll pick u up  light lader jaka setsokssotsane,
After saka nyoka difetso go batagana
Ill take u higher places im talking more than sefofane
Im talking manymore nigger bona kebale!!!
Im just having fun, lemanyora amme
We play music everday all day everyday
Im just havin fun
Lemanyora amme
We play music everyday
All day one way
(2nd Verse)
You can find me chilling le my gang
Nator Gang
We just landed we just tryna get us on the map
Ka di rap
Ka di verse
Cause that’s what we always doing
I’m improving
listen to my new shit
Sweeping up the past like a broomstick
Don’t you know the boy started out as a newbie
Worked my way up now I’m chilling with the OGs
My homies
Imma take you up behind the scenes
You go see my whole team
When I’m chilling or I’m working
Then you go feel the beams
Cause we living for the music
This ain’t only a dream
We been grinding every minute
With the whole team
We still winning but we do not have a trophy
frank casino we just gunning for the whole thing
In the kitchen cooking dishes like it’s soul food
Catch me in a good mood
Lemme introduce you

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