Jyz Yorke the Namibian young rapper dropped his 2nd official project “The Ep” abbreviated followed by the #TEP on his twitter. The Ep is titled “The Eye Problem”. It includes 9 tracks dropped on 19th_November_2019.
Jyz Yorke has always been a conceptual conscious rapper and this Ep proves just that. He opens up about his eye problem, a genetical problem Jyz Yorke has had since birth. Furthermore he also opens up about his struggles with learning at school and how it’s a different world when one has eye problems. Moreover, He speaks for other people with disabilities. The Eye Problem doesn’t only mean that it’s for people with Eye problems but it is inclusive of everyone. In depth it portrays perspective and how he sees things through his eyes.
Additionally other themes are also depression, love,and generally human emotions. As it states “The Eye Problem” is a play on words with the letter “i” this is why there are nine tracks on it. It is conceptual and this is evident from the cover art designed by Putinworkinnovatives.
Jyz Yorke speaks of his childhood crying about how his father wasn’t there and how somehow that blurred his lens as a man.
The Title and concept was derived from the Chinese movie “The Eye” where a young lady known as Sydney Wells has eye problem, she gets a donor and gets new eyes. When she eventually has these eyes she gets visions and she can see the future. Similarly Jyz Yorke has eye problems but he has the vision to change the situation in his household,  his country and his world that’s his vision.
Interestingly every second song on the Ep has poems on it. The most creative thing about this project is that there are no intros or outros. The intros and outros are poems.
The poems are read by Paris who calls herself O.P.K. She is also a Musician when Jyz Yorke met her he found she was a poet and he composed some poems and she narrated them. This is a reoccurring theme. The poems are what align the songs on the album together.
The Project is produced by Underground producer LVMINVS who is creative and talented as he merges his instrumentation with cinematic elements and samples from movies and peculiar sources. He is the Executive producer of this project.
It is recorded and mastered by Junior Cupper. Who is a young passionate talented South African Producer, Artist and Designer living in Namibia. He mastered some instrumebts too and sound engineered the whole project.
The Eye Problem dropped on 19th November 2019.
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