Kagiso Phatlhane is a South African  born rapper, song writer and producer, best known by his stage name KxL Suave.
Who’s  Currently Not Signed  under Any Lable.

Born 28th of August 2002 , From Zeerust ,North West  His passion for music started growing when he started making beats and writing lyrics at the age of 12.

And he has been making music from that Age ,Not minding his Age , Until Now.

During The Release of His Single : RxckSt4R ( Rockstar)
He gained internet buzz after it Managed To Reach Up To 1K+ Streams On SoundCloud.

Currently Working With His Recent Producer : OhwJay .

What Got You into Hip hop?

I Grew Up With People who were involved in Hip Hop In General, So I had to give it a try , I realized that I can do this , and here I am.

How would you imagine life without hip hop? 
From my perspective life without hip hop wouldn’t be as it is now, I mean most of hip hop acts share, messages, stories to heal broken souls And some bring the vibe, For Enjoying and fulfilling purposes.

What is the good and the bad thing about hip hop around your hood?
Ah!! Bad thing about hip hop around my hood is, it is not taken seriously, especially on Big Events taking place here, People are always down for house music, so we don’t get enough time to express our talents.

You’ve received a lot of likes on your link on the “Rap type Mag’s like my link challenge” how do you feel about that?
I feel so blesses to have the small circle of supporters/fans around me , who always make sure by any means that they, stream my music, download my music, they like and follow my social media pages. I feel like they are very much loyal to me as I am to them and they really wanna see me breaking through.

What do you think made you won the Challenge? 
I’m really good for this music thing and is that I have real and loyal fans.
Your track “RxckSt4R”… what is the story behind it
The Story behind RxckSt4R is basically about how I wanna live like: Not minding what’s negative around me but just keeping on doing my thing.

Your stage name “KxL Suave”, how did you get it?
KxL Suave is Formally written as KaL Suave -: KaL stands for : Kool And Lit , and Suave flocks with Charming , so the alias formally represents me.
Many artists struggle to make it in the music industry because they are not signed but you are managing… how do you do it?
Um, I Strongly believe that the beauty is in the struggle.
So I just cope by maximizing my faith in God, Believing in myself and what I’m doing cause I know what I want in the game ,and where I am heading to.

Few years from now, where will KxL Suave be?
I cannot predict the future, but judging from my recent moves, all I can say is KxL Suave will be at the TOP!.

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Shout Outs
I Wanna give a shout out to my moms. God keep her safe till I make it, gotta make her proud.

Shout to my bros
Shout out to the super producer : Ohw Jay
And shout out to the Most important souls in my career, my supporters/fans.

Listen to RxckSt4R by KxL Suave #np on #SoundCloud


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