Artist: Risk ft Desmond

Title: Storch
Verse 1
Every path I took
 And every breathe I hooked
 I’m sitting back confused
 I ain talking to you, I’m talking to me
The pressure’s so high it’s about to get to 500 degrees
 We got niggas 6ft
 That died for these dreams
 We lost relationships just in search for these schemes
 Tryina to leave a legacy and tell stories
Like how we managed to Crossroads with no worries
like I will lost Niggas, doing a quick foray
like how we managed to push packs under the police
Sometimes at night I can’t sleep at all
 Im Masterminding the next grind, gasol
Elke man se hond, gatta watch out for his own
The biggest lie i ever heard was make it on your own
 We was creators since beginning of time
 Now im the storch man and – welcome to my Oppenheim
Chorus: Desmond
This for everyone that told me
This shit is impossible
Yall can never hold me
Ima do what i gatta do
yea, ima take it straight to the top
Yea, ima take it striaght to the top, top
Top, yea ima take it straight to the top.
Verse 2
They be talking bout
 He says and she says, they all had says
 There isn’t no ascenseur
We going through the damn downstairs
 Im exhausted, get the shine and forecast it
 Who gat the light, who gat the smoke, Im feeling tormented
 I’m on a grind, I gatta eat but im being segmented
 And when they talk, I just write songs they be my motivation
the Revolution won’t be televised
But we gone make sure it is documented
 As a kid I spoke to the moon and I sent a message
In the future, to myself, just so it could remind me
Just in case I lose my mind and do the cry of banshee
 Just in case I lose my Focus in the quest to savvy
Flew west, five cities in 6 weeks and
 I realised every hood’s the same and
We just bring the flames to where there’s darkness
We keep it lit, and every day is a celebration.

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