It was two days before I got My final results (report), I was so doubting Myself, I even blame this pandemic as it has been an obstacle for 2020 classes.
After I heard that every learner will be boosted by 5%
I was so excited and found myself singing “Report ya Mina, Report ya Mina”, that’s when I wrote the song “REPORT

We would have choosen many titles for this song instead but we named the song “REPORT” as a title because that’s one word that explains everything about the song.
This not an ordinary song title, we are aiming on marketing this song through this title as it is catchy to our audience.
I worked with Vice, we’ve been working together for almost two years now, he’s my beat maker and he’s very good with hooks
It took us One and half months to complete this track
In Most of My songs I express My emotions, I prefer writing a song with emotions so it will be easy for people to understand how I feel and relate. Says T Boy
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