The Rapper PhredGot1 to Run Namibian Hip Hop? – The New Guy 10/10 is here to Kick some…

PhredGot1 is a rapper from Rundu, Namibia. Grew up and currently resides in Windhoek.

PhredGot1’s real name is Ndondi Fredrick Kandjembe. According to him, Ndondi’s perfroming name goes back to his days when he used to be a beat maker and people would say ‘’Phred you really got one on this beat
The Namibian rapper known as PhredGot1 hails from Suayemwa in Rundu. Clearly a talented writer, who was in a group named “Boyz 2 Die 4’’ that won the 2nd prize at a talent show while in primary school. He cites his main influence as a hip-hop/rap artist, he spent his youth listening to the likes of Jay-Z, Kanye West and Michael Jackson just to mention a few.

After completing secondary school, he was working as a Sales Person while studying for IT part-time but later left school due to unforeseen circumstances.

A couple of years after meeting Hilifa94, PhredGot1 began to seriously concentrate his efforts on his passion for music. He went to producing and featuring on Hilifa94’s song titled ‘’We Never Change’’ on the ‘’Numbers and Levels’’ album and later featured on the mixtape ‘’Most Wanted 1.5 – Deluxe Edition’’. The buzz around this new talented Rundu-born rapper started to build and influential music industry artists and insiders were taking notice.

XCIV Sound signed PhredGot1 to a collective group of individuals striving for the same goal and started working on his promo project where he released his debut single ‘’The New Guy’’ on the 16th December 2016. He then went on to feature on John Gregorius song titled ‘’The Same’’ and shot a successful video. In 2017 he followed up with a new version of ‘’The New Guy 10/10’’ which went on the charts on Energy 100 radio for 6 weeks and on TaffyRaw top 20 countdown for 4 weeks. PhredGot1 was really building a reputation as the one to watch in rap and hip-hop as he collaborated with J Black on the official single for the promo project that was titled ‘’The Warm Welcome’’ which was released in June 2017.

The same year he performed at notable events such as, The Sneakers and Hip-hop Festival, the first ever Beat Battle hosted by XCIV Sound, TheFutureIsGiggz album launch and The Cypher volume 7.
He was still not done, he again dropped a mixtape which was titled God.Family.Music in December, having worked with Bobby WVDK and Handel Mahela. The song Price ft. Bobby WVDK was well received and featured on the Energy 100 top 10 charts for 7 weeks.

PhredGot1 has continued to grow as an artist and he has been working with Producers including Mamba’s Mansion, MotionTheProducer (PhredGot1’s brother) and 808Penda.
He is currently working on his debut album to drop before the end of this year.

There are a lot of Rappers in Namibia and The World at Large, What makes PhredGot1 One in a Million?

I create a fusion of real rap and a twist of African tempo. Add of lyrics in my language which is luchazi.


Who do you wish to work with one of the good days in Namibia?

Jericho, he’s had a massive influence in the music scene in Namibia


Namibian Hip Hop compared to other countries Hip hop, what’s the difference?

Namibian hip hop is not as big as we want it to be in Namibia and Africa


What do you think of Namibian Hip hop? Is it on point or it needs a bit of polishing?

Namibian hip hop has grown over the years despite lack of funding. I would say we need good funding to address all the hiccups to enable us to compete on an international level.

What is the Best and Worst thing about Hip hop according to Your Experiences?

Freedom of expression, the worst is influencing people with negative or degrading messages


Five years from now, where will PhredGot1 be?

My future plans includes world tours, being a qualified Sound Engineer and owning an independent record label.


If you were not into hip hop, where would you be?

Music production (Producer)


What is that one thing that you think people don’t know about you that will shock them if they know?



What is the Motive behind your writings especially your latest track or EP?

My life and beliefs, if you persistently seek validation from others, you will invalidate your own self-worth.


Follow PhredGot1 on:
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Facebook : PhredGot1
Instagram : @phredgot1
Twitter : @phredgot1
Snapchat : phredgot1

Wise Words

Hard work beats talent. Stay working to improve yourself and have a never give up mentality


Shout Outs

Lukuta ‘X’ Munyaza, MotionTheProducer, Sim Sima, Teddy Bizzy, Nashawn and the whole XCIV Sound Music Group

xxx xxx xxx

Click on the links below for his new work and previous projects.

God.Family.Music mixtape released on the 18th of December 2017

The New Guy 10/10 music video released on the 24th of February 2018


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Watch Prifix ft Rejoinder – Vhusiwana (Official Music Video)


Prifix FT Rejoinder – Vusiwana (Official Music video)

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Introducing Dollar Cream: Music has No Language Barriers, so is He

Nhlanhla Derrick “Dollar_Dream” is my name; I was born and raised in Limpopo province of South Africa in a village known as Nwaxinyamani.

I am a self-motivated producer, singer, writer and rapper.

I’ve been in the game of music for ten years struggling and hustling for a blow up.


Who got you into Hip hop?

No one but myself… Inspired by watching music videos on TV “SABC 1 Sgubu”. I can say I was born with it.


What is the Best and Worst thing about Hip hop and Rn’B according to Your Experiences?

Rn’B can unite people, mend crashed relationships and heal their minds and souls through its rhythm and melodies.  It can also turn people into players depending on how the lyrics are constructed.

Hip Hop is a sector of expressions and visions; it’s also a building of rhymes and poetry. It can also ruin people’s lives more especially youngsters because most rappers tend to use drugs and some expose weapons on their videos.  So younger star’ end up living the exact life.

Great Artists worked with?

Lekkersweet, Sparks Krazey (still working on a big thing), Jay Mr Rap type, MeshMack, Nana Peprah, Dj Spydah, Hkd Kid, Tanny Tee, Mafreeze, Whisper Jackson, Tygah, Mr Connector, Man B Leroux, Young CK, Lil Mike, Trigger and more


Who are the Legends that you wish to work with one of the good days?



What is the Motive behind your writings?

I write about life overall… the struggle I go through, the joy and happiness. Recently I’m focusing on joy and happiness. My songs will be talking about how to love or to accumulate a good life.


You’ve worked with great artists from outside South Africa, how is the experience mixing the vibes?

I’ve learned a lot from them. I can now sing like them, and mixing my style with theirs got my music vibe into another level. The uniqueness is supper great. I’ve experienced a lot, now I know that music has no language barrier.


Dollar Cream… What’s the story behind this stage?

Dollar is from the dollar sign, cream means money in Slang. So my name is all about money, though I was inspired by Lil WayneYoung Money


What can the fans expect from Dollar Cream?

They gotta expect the best, unique perfect sound … I wanna bring something new in the industry.


Follow Dollar Cream on:

Facebook – Nhlanhla Kubay

Facebook page: Dollar_Cream

Instagram: @Dollar_Cream

Wise Words

Stay true to yourself. Never give up, work smart with perseverance. Pray, have faith and believe in God.


Shout Outs

My fellas: Trigger, Mesh, Obie junior (Dj Jurban), Rodrick, Evance, Vincent and the love of my life Emy.


Funny childhood moments?

Lol i was a naughty, shy small lovable boy who was able to have 20 friends all by himself. I was clever but ignorant… I use to draw cartoons while my teacher is busy with us.

Watch “War Room” music video by Jyz Yorke and the whole interpretation behind the concept

War Room Music Video Interpreted

The Concept of the Song was initially “Intercession”.

Jyz Yorke thought that it would be dope if the title was more familiar so he chose “War Room” which was still a part of the concept but then enhanced the concept even more.

This is an old song which was not changed that much. It is about two years old and it’s main key is “Prayer can change any situation“, hich is also the main concept of the War Room Movie.

The Music Video kicks off with two villains which symbolize the hard situations, the wounded version of Jyz Yorke potrays an image of Christ and that he had to endure in order to save us …”…by His stripes we are healed..”.

The 2nd version of Jyz Yorke is still an image of Christ but now he visits them in a form of an Angel.

The 3rd version is Jyz Yorke himself now in the War Room… so this is where he is basically praying and crying out to God for help.

Fortunately the sick patient gets healed and his faith regardless of his situation.

Unfortunately for the lady who is a drug addict, she shows no desire to change and thus God couldn’t save her for she chose that life even when offered hope.

In the hands of the Angel at this scene we see him holding a pamphlet which is a reference to the story of the one that a little boy had and saved a woman who was about to commit suicide.

However the young lady in the clip refuses and her tragic end is not even shown to the audience.

The Moral of the video is that we are all going through situations in life but we have to hold on and keep having hope regardless of how hard it may get.

Let’s pray… which is basically conversation with God and let’s give him all our needs and wants.


Song Vocals By Nh Mill
Beat By Bradlow
Video Directed and edited by Putinwork innovativesJohnson Namholo
Script Written By Mike Aka Holy Mafia


Antagonists- Ismael and Silvanus
Protagonist- Jyz Yorke
The Suicidal Girl – Esther
The Doctor- Mike
The Sick Patient – ISSY

Make Up Artists:

Special thanks to the fans who are showing incredible love to the video ya’ll are appreciated!!!!!

Video Youtube Channel – Jyz Yorke Manifest Kidd



Sowetan Rapper Fre$h B expresses how he wants to be seen in the Hip Hop/ Trap Game

Birth Name: Boitumelo Sedumeli

Born: 14 April 1994

Origin: Soweto, Phiri, S.A

Occupation: Rapper / Producer / Cinematographer

Genres: Hip hop / Trap / Rap

Instruments: Vocals, Fruity loops

Visual work (Music videos and Documentaries)

Associations: Member of Laconic Tribe, Blaxsnow, Wethejunkiez, Msg

Years active: 2013 – Present

Also known as: Fre$h B.

Label: Rarebeats Records (pty)

Online distribution (Cd run Africa)


Follow Fre$h B on:



Born in April the 14th 1994; known by his friends, family and online fans as Fresh B. (Always styled with a dollar sign “Fre$h B”)


This is a South African, Soweto born rapper, producer and cinematographer.

Fre$h first saw his music abilities by the age of 15 in grade 9 where he had a book full of self-written lyrics, his hip hop influence came from a cousin who was much more like a brother to him.


He made it clear to everyone that he’s an artist when he first dropped his single “Net fella dah” on in 2014. The track had a fair amount of downloads and was well praised online.

He released his debut EP on the 17th of February 2017 alongside tribe members Nerdymee and Trippy Rare that was entitled “High-Tape EP”.


Fre$h has been dropping singles ever since and worked on Laconic: A compilation by Rarebeats records which is currently getting good energy too.

He just released his debut EP “Euphoria” on the 1st of September 2018 which it’s lead single is entitled “Jumanji” ft. Doggey808, Envy and Tpz.


The song is loved by many and has over 300 downloads and streams on datafilehost and Sound cloud.

The single was then followed by a great music video shoot directed and edited by him and his team which dropped on the 2nd of October 2018.


Euphoria is a great 7 track project with a new sound to trap and includes appearances from Cooladationcaptain and Trippy Rare.

He’s planning a second music video for “Gazzibo” to be shot in December.


Boitumelo was born in Soweto, Phiri. He lost his father at 15.

He is the only boy among two sisters.

He grew up in a very active family and therefore says he had no choice but to be good with something because dance, music and arts were always encouraged.

He then finished high school in 2012 and went to study video and radio production in college where he met Trippy and Doggey who are co-founders of Rarebeats records.

His major music influences include Skwatta Kamp, A$ap Mob, Marvin Gaye, Dead Prez, Wiz Khalifa, Jay z, Three 6 Mafia, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Mr Selwyn, Flabba, Lil Wayne and Juicy J



  • Singles – Net fella dah (2014)
  • Abafana ft Trippy Rare (2016)
  • Rick Flair ft Nerdymee (2016)
  • Hunned and 50 ft Nerdymee and Trippy Rare (2017)
  • Tourist ft Blaxsnow 2017






High-tape EP – 6 tracks (2015)

Laconic – 17 tracks (2017)

Witch flow(s) – unclassified (2019)


Solo project(s)

Euphoria EP – 7 tracks (2018)


Out of all genres, why did you choose hip hop?

I was exposed to a lot of music genres at home and around my community, but hip hop was more of a culture than a music genre. People had the whole look, the feel and direction in which i felt like i belonged to. I loved everything about hip hop; skate boarding, music, dancing and rapping. Being surrounded by such intriguing culture inspired me to fall in love with the art.

What’s the good and worst about hip hop?

First of all I always try to keep an open mind with regards to the arts (especially music). But personally, the best thing about hip hop is the power it has to change people’s lives and inspiration to improve their current situations and whatever it may be that they are battling with. It has been a place where a lot of black artists get recognition.

The worst thing about hip hop would be the stereotypes associated with genre by those older than us and a lot people are expecting hip hop to remain the same way it was when we first heard of it. But it has become part of every major city all around the world and as such it is expected to change and evolve and adapt to the modern ways of life. Because first of all regardless of one’s perception and thoughts, hip hop has always been and will always be rooted in rapping about what is currently happening around us and the experiences and hardships we endure as black people living in the hood. And not forgetting about male, and having a good time.

Who are the legends that you wish to reach out and work with?

I want to reach the young and the wild. I want to reach the youth all across Africa and beyond. My main goal is to have them as part of the tribe movement and culture. We want to change the hip hop scene in Africa, as it is an internationally recognised we therefore need to recognise and appreciate good music and make sure it gets proper exposure. I want African artists (rappers mostly) to work together without the record labels because they make it hard for us to be creative freely, there are limitations. I would love to work with Burna Boy, Davido, Nasty C, Kanye West, Maphorisa, Busiswa, Lil Pump and the late Xxxtentacion.


What is the Motive behind your writings?

On my latest project i picked a theme to express how i want to be seen in the trap/hip hop home, this current project is xanny in a way that i created a world where i have magic and power. I also explain a bit of my origins and how i see my future in hip hop and rarebeats as a brand. My motivation usually differs depending on what project i am working on and who. I see music as i see photography, it has to have a different point of view and feel from track to track. Every track is individualized unless they are in one project, individualized in terms of what is being said on the track and the vibe.


Rapping, producing and cinematography, how do you balance the two?

Right now i don’t need balance in the three i simply do whatever i feel inspired to do at the time, work on it until i give it life. Mostly right now i am recording which is what i am sort of putting all my energy in at the moment. I do visuals for the music to bring it to life. but truthfully i just do what i enjoy, so most of the things i do are in sync, i focus on the planning what needs to be done then spend time and energy on it and create. The same applies to making beats and producing a video work. In the near future video work will be more than what i have put out at the moment.

What’s the story behind your stage name Fre$h B?

It took me a while to find a suitable stage name and one that pretty much sums up my ultra-ego and everything. After dropping about three names i realised that the person actually gives their stage name life. so i kind of evaluated myself, my hip hop, personality and after doing that i decided to take my initial b. and called myself fresh b because of the crazy energy and hip vibe i put in my lyrics.

How is the response from family and friends that you are in this hip hop game?

My family and friends were not surprised when i started recording music, they were only surprised when they realised how much i know and planning to do within the industry. So the response has been greater especially from those people because they supported me to go study what i love, and now they are doing their best so that i make this my career.


When upcoming artists start their dreams, they start with high hopes and give a lot of energy, but when time goes by, everything flushes off… where do you think the problem might be?

I think the support system is a problem for upcoming artists in the hood. Upcoming independent artists are the ones that have to prove themselves every time their music drops; they either have to follow and do what is trending or suffer the risk of going broke again. So they have to firstly carefully give people whatever they feel like expressing at the time. secondly a lot of African artists should stop making themselves seem like they are gods/superior, fans love to know artists personally and i would like to see people putting their real life characters out there in social media and lyrics. So people (fans) feel like they are part of the family or whatever you are pushing, especially where they come from.


What expectations do you have from fans as an artist?

I expect the love and the freedom i express in my music to be the type of energy i get from them; i want them to know me personally as an artist and a normal person.


Wise words

Be wise, open minded and be unapologetic about your art and music.



Shout outs

I would like to send a shootout to every artist at Rarebeats/Laconic tribe. Votex gang pimville, Msg Mapetla, 033m Mapetla, my family and everyone who loves hip hop.


Fre$h B has dropped his first music video #Jumanji 🍃🎋🌴🌳 from his latest project #Euphoria EP

Check out the full video



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Dala FAM’s single “Nomakanjani” Available as Vodacom’s welcome Tone

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Dj HopeStar introduces a New Face to Change the Game: Young Rollet is here to stay with a hit entitled “FINESSE”

Rapper from K1 Mr Grind Smith Drops a hit “Yabo (Summer 18)” from His Mix-Tape “Highly Kasified”. Katlehong Stand Up!

Namibian Rapper Hozei Legitimate Gets Addicted to Hip Hop

Real name Hosea Hafeni Hamalwa born in 1996-03-15 across the border of Namibia in Angola was raised in the capital city of Namibia, Windhoek.
I’ve discovered my path of being a rapper while I was doing grade 8 and was inspired by 50cent, Lil Wayne and Drake. I had no love for local music as I could spot the difference with proper mixing on the tracks.
So I started a group called “ClickDreamerz” that was me and a girl, our band has one debut album and two music videos out there which helped us get recognised by Yo-Countdown where we’ve been number one for three weeks on a row.
There came a time as I grew musically where I felt like producers were not producing exactly how I wanted… I then learnt how to mix and master vocals including recording in the beginning of the year (2018). The learning didn’t take long as I had passion for sound and understanding.
I have now decided to go solo as Hozei Legitimate and finally released my first EP/Album entitled “Addicted to Hip Hop” and has 10 tracks, Get access of it on all musical platforms such as ITunes, Spotify, Deezer etc. In addition I’ve shot two music videos from the album “The Best” & “Secret Haters“, all released this year.

Instagram – @hozei_godsgift_legitimate
Facebook – Hozei Legitimate
YouTube – Hozei Legitimate

What made you prefer international Rappers over Local Rappers?
I’m someone who’s realistic when it comes to supporting something, I chose the music that sounds good to my ears, inspiring and that relates to who I became

What is the Motive behind your writings?
Everything I spit/lay on a record is based on my life. I grew up with no one believing in me and came across a lot of people who told me to stop doing a genre which isn’t popular in our hood but I carried on with what I love and good at. Haters, lovers, fans, friends and many more are part of my lyrics

What would you say it’s a problem when it comes to talented Rappers not getting the recognition they need?
A talented artist is nothing without a proper market. Marketing gets your voice heard… A lot of artists whom we know are not the best by being every-where; their marketing is broad and excellent. A new artist should do more research rather than waiting on managers. I don’t have one, I market my own work

Who do you wish to work with one of the good days in the hip hop game?
With the best… Anybody with a style and a market target to get the record heard more than it would have been if it was a solo record.

How is the response from Family and Friends that you are in this Hip hop game?
The Best! even though I didn’t expect it from them as those are the people who are first to judge. Seeing my siblings and friends knowing all my lyrics is a blessing, to be around such people who support what I do feels good.

Hozei Legitimate… What is the story behind this stage name?
Hozei – came from my real name “Hosea” people had a problem with pronouncing it, they would say “Hozei” then I took it.
Legitimate – am legit I’ve been legit with whatever I do.

If you were not into hip hop, what would you do?
I would be trying to do hip hop… Lol… Music has been my only choice

Wise Words
Champions are people who believe in themselves when nobody does. Yeah!

Shout Outs
My mentor Mathews Johannes, shout out to son “Mika” plus friends and fam. I can’t forget my fans and haters. I love you all. Team HOZEI

” class=”__youtube_prefs__” title=”YouTube player” allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen data-no-lazy=”1″ data-skipgform_ajax_framebjll=””>

” class=”__youtube_prefs__” title=”YouTube player” allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen data-no-lazy=”1″ data-skipgform_ajax_framebjll=””>

The Rapper 2Meli from Western Cape is In it to Change it: Game Changers

Stage Name: 2meli (The Game Changer)

Birth Name: Lindsay Siphiwo Daliwe
Born: 07 Mar 1997, Worcester (Grew up in Avin Park and Zwelethemba Location Western Cape)

Genres: Hip Hop/Trap

Occupation(s): Record producer, songwriter, rapper and a vocalist

Year Active: 2011

Labels: Visible Music Production (By ManezaF8), Ingwe Entertainment (2018), Sound Rec (2018)

Associated Acts: ProbChild, Hantos, Mc Pumie, Drastic Measure SA, Abdul (Game Nerd), Deandre, ManezaF8, Eno Da Cooldude (Eno Bokoharam), Redolla, Creamza

Songs: Hennessey, Long Reflection, Desire (ft Simbolotion), On Fire, Everything, Ballin, U know that, Right here, Uthando Lwakho (ft Simbolotion), Celebratin (Ft Redolla, Hantos, Mc Pumie)

“It was on the 5th grade at Alfred Stemper Primary School when i started to realising that i had the potential and passion towards music.
Growing up as a kid i was too exposed to rap music and i got inspired by local acts like Umzekezeke, Mandoza, Senyaka and many more.

International acts such as 50 cent, 2pac, Snoop Dog, Dr Dre, Eminem, Akon and lil’Wayne“.

“I recorded my first single in year 2012, entitled Working hard and later on followed by another one entitled Mhlobo wam featuring ManezaF8 (The song is based on a true story), But before all that i was part of a crew called Young Massive Link which consisted of 5 members.
We recorded our first single and more in the year 2011 which were released at a studios such as Site Records and VMP Production.
Unfortunately the crew separated in the year 2013, but that did not stop me and my friend Ayanda Masilela (Drastic Meassure SA), from doing music up until now”.

“My single “On Fire”  represents my status as an artist in the rap game, My aim has no limits because music to me is not just a dream but its my life”.

What would you say the problem is when it comes to South African upcoming Hip Hop Artists to get their breakthrough?

I think the reason is because some upcoming artists copy other artist’s styles instead of coming up with their own unique style which is completely wrong because the industry is looking for real art.

What makes a good Hip hop artist according to your understanding?

By just being yourself I believe?! and by creating your own vibe and zone where you can pop your own game😀👊🔥.

What is the Good and Worst thing about Hip hop according to Your Experiences?

Fraud is the worst thing at first, because now you gotta pay your way in into the industry.

The good thing is that the game is growing and hip hop is finally been recognised as the true art in Africa.

What expectations can South African Hip hop fans can expect from 2meli?

More good music To be honest, And my first EP that would be dropping in 2019.

What is the Motive behind your writings?

My child hood life but Mostly My Family and friends.

2meli… What’s the story behind this stage name?

The name 2meli… I got from my first freestyle session at MM Records back in 2009 from a producer named Mike and with his friend McHardy Because i kept on changing my stage names back then, until i got satisfied with the stage name 2meli and which was pronounced as 2melly.

How is the response from Family and friends that you are in this Hip hop game?

To be Honest my family supports me big time, no doubt about that, the same applies to my friends.
To show it, they even play and share my songs, I keep getting positive responses and I’m very thankful for that.

Surely there’s someone out there who wishes to be like you. What motivational words can you invest in them?

Just keep it real, be yourself learn to develop your own style into something hot. Play around with instrumentals with your crew like i do, or maybe when your alone, I still use the mirror tecqinic to practise.

Who do you want to send Shout outs to?

I firstly want to send a shoutout to my family, secondly to smy hommies Drastic Measure, Zarno, Deandre, ManezaF8, Rick, G-man, Louie, OutLays OriginalBeats, Astro + many more and mostly to my supporters.

You can also like my page on Facebook:
2meli Da Rapper





Check out my single:

2meliLong Reflection

[Prod by Ingwe Entertainment]
via any of the following links below:

Fakaza, audiomack, YouTube, Soundcloud, Slikouronlife

” class=”__youtube_prefs__” title=”YouTube player” allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen data-no-lazy=”1″ data-skipgform_ajax_framebjll=””>