Limpopo’s Rap Star “Raymnd No-Typo” Has Risen: Mzansi’s Big Star of 2019

Raymond Ramodisa, also known by his stage name as Raymnd NoTypo, is a South African recording artist from Giyani in Limpopo Province.

Raymnd fell in love with music when his brother introduced him to Rap music. His favourite rappers at the time included Mase, Naughty by Nature, Notorious B.I.G and the late Big Pun.

q Birth Name: Raymond Gift Ramodisa

q Origin: Giyani, Limpopo. South Africa

q Born: 1992-09-02

q Occupation: Recording Rap Artist, Songwriter and Vocalist

q Genre: Hip-Hop

q Years Active: 2009-Present

q Company: NuShoesTV, XVK Entertainment

Raymnd started singing at a young age in his church choir while engaging in school competitions where he would triumph to Provincial levels and perform his art in his high school projects.

Beginning to record music in his late high school years, Raymnd would perform in local events, clubs and festivals. He would go on to be crowned Capricorn FM’s MC of The Week consistently in the year 2008.

In 2011 Raymnd moved to Johannesburg in pursuit of his dreams where he instantly gained respect and recognition commercially as well as on the streets.

Performing regularly in festivals, clubs and local shows alongside industry names and peers, he would later perform in even more provinces around the country.


q Guest performance on eTV’s ‘So What?

q Appearances on South African youth radio station YFM’s “Full Clip”

q Raymnd’s music features in Scrambles 4 Money and SA Underground’s album, The Murk Sessions Vol. 2 alongside Copyright (USA), Ben Sharpa and Yugen Blakrok (SA).

q Collaborating with international acts, Had Enough (UK) and King Loui (USA).

q Music gains popularity on radio stations in Gauteng, KZN, North West and Limpopo.


q Features on Limpopo Mixtape alongside the finest musicians in Limpopo.

q Features on LimpHop Documentary.

q Soul Candy Records engages Raymnd in recurring shows as the only Hip-Hop act.

q Raymnd toils on his debut music project, Everyday Mixtape.


q Raymnd travels home province for LimpHop Tour with

countless radio appearances and performances promoting Everyday Mixtape.

q Tuesday music video release.

q Everyday Mixtape release.

q Raymnd releases Gusheshe remix.

q Raymnd NoTypo is announced on YFM as one of the best suited artists for Gusheshe Remix by Cassper Nyovest.


q Sowetan announces Raymnd as Limpopo’s finest Hip-Hop talent.

q Studio Cooking music video release.

q LimpHop Mixtape wins Mixtape of The Year at South African Hip-Hop Awards.


q Digital release of Raymnd’s TBT (Throwback Thursdays)

q Music video releases.

q Features on SA Hip-Hop compilations.

q DRUM Magazine feature.


q Music video releases

q Hype Magazine features Raymnd.

q SlikourOnlife Underdog of The Day.

q Z’Khiphani Magazine feature.

q Channel O Turn Up debuts Raymnd Music Video.

q Son of Man release.

q SABC 2 Morning Live Interview and performance.

q F.A.M.E Awards nomination for best collaboration.


q UNH-EP release.

q Limpopo Music Awards nomination for Best Music Video.

q Raymnd goes on radio tour in promotion of UNH-EP.

What got him into Hip hop?

The story of Raymnd is simple, he was introduced into Hip-Hop by his eldest brother who was a Rap music fanatic at the time and exposed him to the well-known stars, likes of Jay-Z, Big Pun and Mase. He began writing and recording his music through the influence of the local Rap giants such as SpaceMunna, the late HHP, the late PROKID and ProVerb.

• Who are the Legends that he has worked with on some of his projects?

Raymnd worked along with SpaceMunna, DJ Lemonka, Neo Beatz, Copyright of Mega Hertz (USA) and Mchangani.

• Who are the Legends that he wishes to work with in the near future?

 As young growing artist he wishes to work and collaborate with the likes of AKA, Ricky Rick, Reason, Stogie-T and Kwesta.

• What is the Motive behind his writings?

Raymnd’s NoTypo uses his impeccable flow of rhymes and schemes to tackle and address different subjects on every song. While his latest EP, Unhappy N***er Habits

Extended Play addresses depression, girls, alcohol and the finer most moments in a 20 something year old’s daily experiences.

2018 Freestyle

In between promoting his latest project Unhappy N***er Habits – Extended Play, Raymnd takes a moment to reflect back on the year 2018’s highlights and notable

moments in S.A. Generally, from the music and entertainment industry to politics, social media, beefs and some of the deaths we saw. In less than 3

minutes he gives us the year’s wrap up in a nutshell with a supporting video.

To get in touch with Raymnd:

q Bookings:


Twitter: @raymnd_music

Instagram: @raymnd_music

Facebook: Raymnd


Raymnd – 2018 Freestyle:

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Edited by Mapitso Rathebe

Eminem Becomes the only artist to have SEVEN albums reach 1 Billion Streams on Spotify

The albums that have each surpassed 1 Billion streams on Spotify are:

“The Marshall Mathers LP”



“Marshall Mathers LP 2”


“The Eminem Show”

“Curtain Call”

Tellaman Releases New Single “Whipped” featuring Shekhinah & Nasty C

Tellaman releases yet another single from his anticipated album God Decides. The single is titled Whipped and it features Shekhinah & Nasty C. His album pre order is also live on iTunes. His new album titled God Decides is set to be released on the 1st February 2018.


“I have grown as a musician and a human being. I have learnt from my previous mistakes and I am confident that my fans will hear that in my music. For this project I have gone the extra mile in terms of the quality of the sound” – Shares Tellaman

Pre Order “God Decides” here:

Celeste Gets Personal On “Father’s Son”

Credit: Daniyel Lowden


Celeste is undisputedly one to watch out for” – Wonderland

“Deft, poetic storytelling; commanding vocals; and a generous spirit” – Interview Magazine

“Celeste has a voice that will break your heart” – Notion

“She is so obviously the real soul-baring deal” – Sunday Times Culture


Having already made her mark with two stirring singles in 2018, ‘Both Sides of the Moon’ and ‘Lately’, Brighton soul singer Celeste kicks off 2019 with her most personal release to date, ‘Father’s Son’. Accompanied by a beautiful video directed by Bob Harlow from an original concept by Celeste, the subtly devastating track ruminates on the now West London-based singer’s complicated relationship with her American father, who sadly died when she was 16.


Celeste plays with gender on the song as a means of coining a universal anthem for those left sea.

Stream the track:

Post Malone Releases “Sunflower” and hits Number 1 on Billboard Hot 100

Post Malone and Swae Lee’s ‘Spider-Man’ collab just hit the top of the Billboard charts

There are some indisputable facts regarding this year’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. First, of the six Spider-Man movies since 2002, Spider-Verse is the best. In a year where Black Panther is vying a Best Picture Oscar and Infinity War is practically printing money, Spider-Verse is still the superior superhero movie of the three. The animated, Miles Morales-starring film has already been thrust into debate as a candidate for the greatest comic book movie of all-time, while it’s still in theaters. And the soundtrack’s most recognizable song — which is featured heavily in the movie — is a beneficiary of that momentum.


Now, Post Malone and Swae Lee‘s “Sunflower” is the Number One song in the country. After weeks in the Billboard Hot 100’s top ten, the bright, sweet and melodic ode to love, sunflowers and other clichés dethroned Halsey’s “Without Me.” “Sunflower” also technically becomes Swae Lee’s first Number One as a solo artist  —  it’s the second if you count Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode,” though he isn’t officially credited on it.


Despite the star-power, there is a case that the song’s commercial success is largely indebted to its prominence in the movie. The audience is first introduced to Miles Morales as he mumbles his way through Swae Lee’s verse while drawing at his desk. In December, Lee described to Rolling Stone why his voice is becoming more popular across the pop spectrum: “My voice is becoming a household voice, something people are familiar with. It always has this feeling of either turn-up or missing someone. That’s what people say about it.”

He also described working with Malone on “Sunflower.” “We was in the studio this one night in L.A. just going crazy all night. Cooking up, drinking corkscrews, drinking beers. We made six, seven songs,” Lee continued. “The Spider-Man people came and heard it and they picked that one. And I saw the movie already, and it’s crazy, because Spider-Man is actually singing the song in the movie.”


The Kemist Releases “BODY CAN’T LIE” ft Nyanda Via 21 Entertainment Group / Republic Records

Jamaica’s hottest DJ, producer, and artist –The Kemist releases his brand new single “Body Can’t Lie” featuring Nyanda via 21 Entertainment Group/ Republic Records.

Born in Kingston Jamaica, Errol “Kemar” Thompson aka The Kemist grew up around reggae royalty. His mother is the Queen of Reggae, Marcia Griffiths, and his father, Errol Thompson Snr, was a musician and popular radio personality. At the tender age of 3, The Kemist got his first moment in the spotlight sharing the stage with Reggae legend Bob Marley. The charismatic artist was destined to be a star as he grew up touring the world as a music director / musician in his mom’s band.


The Kemist has stormed onto the international music scene with over 25 million streams and support from industry heavyweights such as Diplo,Carnage, Hardwell and Major Lazer.

Now with new partnership with 21 Entertainment Group & Republic Records he releases this brand new single, “Body Can’t Lie”, featuring Nyanda

Listen HERE:

The Rapper Seazer McCall to Start a Big Project Called “SEAZUS” to Help Youth and UpComing Artists Do Good

The project is about a young South African kid born in a speedy life and finds himself caught up between himself and the cruel crooked world on New orders, depression, teenage-hood, politics, financial literacy and religious history then tries to overcome and understand how to stay innocent but free from how he’s expected to.

Here’s the main reason Why Seazer McCall Started this Project
I’m trying to bring both parents and the kids in a single room… get the parents to understand and acknowledge that their kids are growing in a new different lane and they should support and guide them instead of trying to own and control them denying them the chance to grow up, make mistakes and learn because that might chase them away and turn to dangerous situations trying to avoid being judged and called names.

What Changes will This project bring to the youth of South Africa?
This will help the youth understand that it’s not always about being the best or the coolest or maybe even the smartest. It’s all about being one with the one within you and being a teenager or a young adult is not easy… not everyone wants to see you do good, you won’t always be happy all the time because humans are not the only and the smartest species in the universe… that we as the youth holds the future, therefore we should make it our priority to grow the economic state and free our parliament from any evil deeds or offenses if we can._*

Seazus… What’s the story behind this Project’s name?
Seazus is my AKA name given to me by my highschool buddy which originates from Seazer. So as time came by I looked at it as Jeasus for the Christian generation how he helped and was there for them, but I obviously it’dbe disrespecting for me to call myself Jesus so Seazus is the perfect fit for the character, I’m not imitating him though… I’m taking motivation from his history and previous deeds. So, all that he had done for the Christians I will try my best to do for the youth and the hip-hopians, the bravery and heroic behind the name motivated/pushed me to name this project Seazus.

Who are the competitors of this Project?
Well… I don’t see any competitors on this project because the message and the story telling is partly about me, I am unique so nobody can compete with my uniqueness and it’s also about every concern in our country, everybody is talking about the nice expensive life they have or wish for and all these other typical girl hurts boy, boy loves girl and/or vise versa… so with my project is a different story. more like breaking every rule in the book to enlighten our South African youth.

For More information about the Project Seazus, Follow Seazer McCall on:
Twitter: @seazermccall
Facebook: Seazer McCall
Instagram: seazermccall_sa

Dj HopeStar – Doing Fine (Lyrics)

Artist: DJ HopeStar

Title: Doing Fine Lyrics

Baby are you alright
Alright, Alright, Alright .
Are you doing fine
Doing Fine,Doing Fine ,Doing Fine.

Lay down your body
And listen to my heartbeat
Counting my life and your life
(Yeah yea)
Fighting for what we both love

Baby are you alright
Alright, Alright, Alright .
Are you doing fine
Doing Fine,Doing Fine ,Doing Fine.

Baby I’m the plug so connect
Never switch lanes you got the map
Take a nap , have some rest
When I come back we gon do the rest
Take my cap ,Put it On
Switch it off, then turn me on
Switch off your phone, uh you on duty now
Your beauty shines now
You look like a Minaj
I like the way you wake me up early in the morning
When I’m with you it is never boring

Baby are you alright
Alright, Alright, Alright .
Are you doing fine
Doing Fine,Doing Fine ,Doing Fine.

Tellaman Releases A Pre-Order of His Album “God Decides”

Tellaman’s album pre order is now live on iTunes.

The pre-order comes with a song titled Hit Me Up and is available on all digital platforms. His new album titled God Decides is set to be released on the 1st February 2018.

If you are open minded and always looking for interesting and cool things, then TELLAMAN’s new release is for you.

Describing the single as youthful, TELLAMAN continues to bridge the gap between different styles of music combining the normal lines one would expect from a rapper with melodies from a R&B singer.

My new material is different from my previous mixtapes and EP; lyrically and musically it shows more growth. For this project I have gone the extra mile in terms of the quality of the sound; the way I programmed, wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered is completely different. I have grown as a musician and a human being. I have learnt from my previous mistakes and I am confident that my fans will hear that in my music.”


Pre Order “God Decides” here:


Follow Tellaman On: