Date: 16-19 April 2020
Venue: KZN (Backpackers)
Problem Solving/Case Study
Local businesses play a big role to our communities by providing jobs, contribute to local economy, act as social change- because upcoming youth are well motivated to start something they believe on, and as a vehicle to community confidence.
The biggest challenge of our entrepreneurs is access to funding, business networks, mentorship and access to information. We need Local chain that revolves revenue in one circle before inviting another chain to share the bread. To start building our local chains, we need us, to start and why we believe in local businesses:
1. Improve the local economy
Local businesses often support one another and build each other’s vision by always buying local.
2. Inspiring Others
It contributes on community development, as children and youth have role models to look up to.
3. Create local Jobs
Entrepreneurs create jobs for residence and support their communities with better system that add to our national economy.
4. Know the people behind the product
Celebrate local talent and build systems to advance them.
5. More personalized service
Be able to Access products, services that you need most.

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