Bongani Divine Mncube, is a musician who is all about God Praising and A Christian Rapper.
Divine developed the love for music at a very young age and was inspired by his brother Simon, who actually introduced him to Hip Hop and made sure that he feeds him with latest songs.
In 2016, he decided to give music a serious shot under the stage name, Seraphic (a synonym for ‘divine’). As a result, he released his debut single, Lord of my life, which was received exceptionally well.
He has since made a huge impact in the music industry with his most popular song.
Seraphic has an organisation where he is the founder and CEO called The Jesus Gang.
The Jesus Gang Organisation is an initiative that aims to spread the word of God while inspiring and engaging the youth in matters that interest them and set a foundation towards improving their lives and a bright future.
Seraphic proves to be someone to look out for, not only in the Christian circle but the world at large.
He is dropping a single called Awaken/Vuka which is the leading single to his EP that he is working on.
The song drops on the 30th of June 2019, on all music platforms.
You can follow Seraphic on:
Instagram – @se.rap.hic
Facebook – Seraphic
What makes Seraphic different from other Christian Rappers? 
I think what makes me different is that there is a level of honesty with the music
I don’t make music for the perfect but rather the ones that are in the process  of being perfect
What do you write about in most of your tracks?
Most of my music is  message  based so I get a revelation from  the HOLYGHOST and I take it from there but the general  topic  is the love of Jesus and its saving power
Gospel hip hop is way different from other hip hop contents, do you think this prevents Rappers from collaborating as the contents are different? 
Yes it makes it difficult  but not impossible
As long  we on the same page and the song we make is in line with the word of God
Example Nicki Minaj has a song with Tasha Cobbs, these are totally  different artists but they made a gospel  song together
Nowadays hip hop promotes Pride, Lust and Money, What does Gospel hip hop promote? 
GOSPEL HIP HOP promotes the world of God, with my music I try to awaken the knowledge of Jesus to the fans and add more vibe so that the youth can  listen to it and relate
How is the response from other Rappers towards your Music Journey? 
There is a very good response from other rappers / artists, they always  try to help me improve my craft and inspire me to do amazing things ( artist like Tshiamo  Mercy and Teekay )
What is the good and the worst thing about hip hop according to your experiences? 
The good part about Hip hop/Rap  is that the youth can Express themselves  through it and they can unleash their creative side
The worst is that hip hop also has a huge influence on  the youth, their favorite  artists  are always drinking or taking  drugs and lead the youth to do the same
Who is your main inspiration towards your music? 
My main inspiration towards my music is the word of God and how it can change a person’s life. My musical  inspiration  is Anatii  and Cliff M
Your next single “Awaken/Vuka” dropping on the 30th,  what is the story behind it? 
The story  behind Awaken /VUKA  is very special  to me , it took my 2 years to write it because  I actually  wrote the song for myself, I was going  through  many challenges in my life and I literally went to “sleep” in terms of the things Of God and the song is my own awaken  ( my own wake up alarm)
Few years from now,  where will Seraphic be?
I feel I will be a full time preacher  of the word and I will be having  my own ministry and  making  more music that will be helping  and benefiting people
Shout Outs
To my amazing team  (Jesus Gang and Theosapiens)

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