Tebatso Daiva Mokoena aka Blue Aiva is a Dancer model, entertainer, Mc host, promoter and performer. She grew up in a family where by they loved music so much that She ended up inheriting their musical energy and dance… She started dancing since she was four years old and never stopped up until now. “I am doing what I love”, she said. “I’ve worked with big artists, people I look up to and I grew up listening to. I’ve done so many stage performances in a short period of time and also done music videos; “Ngeke ku lunge” by Dj Noxious, “Ziwa murtu” by Vatkuk vs Mahoota, “Isoka” by Blaq Diamond, “Sgubhu” by Sowetos finest and many more

Dancing, Modeling, Entertaining and all that you do, how do you explain yourself in one or few simple words and why?
I believe I’m a multi talented individual. The reason I say this is because I like challenging myself ,I like being versatile and I’m a go getter that works so hard to achieve whatever.
How did you realize that you have a calling for Dancing?
I Honestly used to dance for fun, not that I don’t dance for fun now but what I mean is, I never knew that I can actually take this dancing career to the top and build myself as a brand. I used to dance at school everytime there would be events and stuff, so this one time I danced and almost everyone was like “Aiiva you got to take this serious you need to build a name for yourself, you can really dance”, my teachers also believed in me and that’s were I realised how much I make people happy when I dance and decided to take a step.
How has the dancing journey been from while you were 4 years old to today?
It has been wonderful hey because I got a chance to just enjoy dancing without any negative energy around and just showcase what I can do while having fun.
How is the response from Family and Friends towards your Dancing Journey?
My family and friends have been showing me love and support, even though my family didn’t understand at first but they ended up understanding and showed endless love. What I know is; not everyone is happy for me but I only focus on the positive side and keep doing what I do best and what makes me happy.

What is the good and the worst about Dancing according to Your Experiences?
The good is that you get to dance with different individuals who got different personalities, You get to learn so much about dancing and different styles of dancing. You get to work with big artists, people you look up too.
The worst is that you get those dancers /people who have been in the industry for a while and they are so Rude and think they know everything, but I always tell myself that I’m the best and no one is going to tell me otherwise.
There are so many Dancers in the world, not everyone gets a chance to dance for professional artists, how did you achieve that?
On this one I’d saying knowing the right people and having people that believe in you by your side. I was lucky enough to meet right people who helped me be who I am today and I’m very much grateful.
What are the mistakes do you think other Dancers do that makes their talent not to reach anywhere?
Thinking they know everything, Not helping other people with pure heart, Being jealous and not wanting other people to succeed, always wanting things to come to them and that’s not right learn to give others a chance and celebrate with them.
Is dancing your way of work out or you also work out in a different way?
Dancing is my way of working out .
What are your 5 best ways of staying healthy as a Dancer?
Honestly I wouldn’t say I have ways of staying healthy as a dancer because I eat whatever whenever and I do whatever whenever but I wouldn’t advice someone else to do that because we not the same you know what I mean.

What music video was your best experience in dancing for?
Ngeke kulunge by DJ Noxious
What are your future plans about your Dancing Journey?
I’ve got some big things, big plans lined up hey. Still got along way to go but trust me I will be the biggest thing in South Africa actually the World.
Who do you want to send your Shout Outs to?
I would like to send a shout out to my Mother Beauty Mokoana , my Lil sister Thabisa,my grandparents,my aunt’s ,my uncle’s actually my whole family. All my friends who been real to me showing me love and support and everyone who knows me, everyone who believes in me and support my craft. Lastly J killer his been good to me, helping me with so much and I’m really thankful for that I thank God for everything.
Name : Tebatso Daiva Mokoana
Age : 18
Cell : 0715806528
Email : [email protected]
Height : 1.68
Shoe size : 4
Waist : 30
Shirt size : Extra small
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour : Black

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