On the 26th of July… Durban-born, Johannesburg-based rapper and songwriter Solve The Problem made a star-studded comeback to the new wave scene with his sophomore EP, “mysteryschool”, fully produced by 808x. The project comes through with no official features and samples, serving as his first project made from scratch, released under the independent label, innanetwav.(UU)
Two years after summer blues szn1 which featured the likes of Southside Mohammed and The Big Hash, Dojo-Gang representetive, Solve The Problem let’s us in on his life experiences from life-long dreams all the way to the pettiest of things. The concept behind mysteryschool [EP] originates from the actual mystery schools where one goes to learn more about their divine selves and unlearn all about the toxic world. Solve The Problem uses this as a metephor to portray what he’s learnt and unlearnt in the past few years since leaving high school, and dropping out a semester into college.
Solve The Problem recently hinted at a full-length project (mixtape) and official music videos that we can expect before the end of the year.
For now… Enjoy, “mysteryschool” [EP]
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