Tony Boy (Real name Marvel Toni). A singer, Rapper, writter and a beat maker from Chavani is an upcoming tsonga rap hustler who’s doing his best and making waves in Limpopo.
Most of his Tsonga rap songs are being played at various local radio stations.
This rapper is also working with some of the great artists, (Em C Style to mention one)
One of Tony Boy’s track (Get a life girl) was nominated for best xitsonga Rn’B at Hlanganani FM

Tony Boy is pushing his music career while working for the South African National Defence Force.
Tony is working very hard chasing his dream as a musician, “…One day you will see me on the billboards…” That’s his line on his latest single entitled “I’m Trying”.
He says he wishes to change his hood (Chavani) through his music, building hospitals and helping the vulnerable one’s in the hood… “That’s just my dream” he said on his latest single…

Stay tuned for Tony Boy’s performances and more releases.

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