Tyn-Ish grew up / originally from Limpopo in a village called “Ka Bungeni”, that’s where I started my pre, primary and high school.
I came to Jo’burg in 2009 to do my tertiary education. For more information about Tyn-Ish, just keep on reading.
What motivated you to start “Tyn-Ish Solutions”?
As a founder of the initiation called “Tyn-Ish Solutions”, I believe what motivated me most is Perfection, I believe in perfection and I’m a perfectionist myself, I’ve seen that a couple of times, those who are around me know better, that’s why when it comes to decision making I take a lot of time you know, with just a small thing I take my time to make sure that I make a right decision to what so ever it can be. I believe that it is mostly all about perfection, that’s what motivates me most, even the stuff that I do right now, I make sure that I perfect it, it looks great… everything just looks *snaps* just perfect… yep
What services do you offer at Tyn-Ish Solutions?
Initially when I started Tyn-Ish Solutions, I wanted to focus on different stuff rather than what I’m doing now but as I grew up in the space, I started having more interest on doing photography and videography. I used to have those software’s that I would use to edit videos and pictures, those were my hobbies and I just started having that interest and passion about photography and videography, that’s what I am mostly focused on today… videography and photography, yeah
What is the Motive behind the name Tyn-Ish Solutions?
Lol… This is not a hard one to answer. Tyn-Ish is just a combination of my two names, Tiyani and Ishmael, so I just took the T.Y.N from Tiyani and then took the I.S.H from my other name, maybe you didn’t know my other name Ishmael, but that’s how Tyn-Ish came about, well I was just playing around with my names and then I came up with this name that we have now, Tyn-Ish… Solutions, meaning that it gives you solutions on whatever need you may have, we have the solution for it, and yep… that’s how it came about, Tyn-Ish Solutions… yep
Any amazing people or organizations that you have worked with on Tyn-Ish Solutions? How was the experience?
Up to so far I’ve worked with individuals that I’ve done photography for and also videos for their events, weddings and so forth… but I believe that by God’s grace I’m getting more exposure. Currently I’m working with the most talented woman by the name of Ofiti, she’s a fashion designer if I may call her so, she designs dresses and I do photography for them on monthly bases, you might have seen the pictures on my Facebook page and also on her Facebook page that you can follow to find out more, and again I’m working with the most amazing woman who goes by the name Masechaba Ndlovu, she’s a TV personnel, she hosts shows on TV, you might have seen her a couple of times, yeah that’s the lady that I am working with, it’s amazing how we met, I won’t go much into that but our relationship together is just growing so amazing, every time we meet and I do the stuff for her, so that’s what I’m currently busy with and I’m loving what I’m doing of course, yeah.. It’s amazing; it is extremely amazing, yeah
One Word to describe Tyn-Ish?
One word, just one word… Mmmmh… PERFECTION!! Lol
How do you see Tyn-Ish Solutions in the next five years?
In the next five years

  • No more struggling
  • Greater grace
  • The studio of my own
  • A channel of my own

And umm… what else? And you gonna love it J
How do we reach Tyn-Ish Solutions for more info or to see your work?
Facebook: Tyn-Ish Solutions
Twitter: @tynish_solutions
Instagram: @tynish_solut
Mobile: 083 266 1715
Shout outs?
A shout out to all the Rap type Mag viewers out there and also the perfection lovers, of course the followers of Tyn-Ish Solutions, a shout out to you all… we love you, we care about you and we see greatness in you
Word of Motivation
Don’t give birth to that dream prematurely, feed it with the necessary stuff until it grows to you, until it matures and keep on pushing, act up on it every day as if you were impossible to fail, as you do that you are exercising your faith and I believe one day the world will see what you have given birth to and everyone will just be filled with… so don’t give up, keep on pushing and push harder everyday.. Yeah, be encouraged upon that dream and one day hopefully it will come true
(Bonus) The day you got embarrassed during your childhood, what happened?
Lol… Oh my word, ummm… the day I got embarrassed… Lol I wasn’t ready for this one but I think the day I got embarrassed was when I got dumped, ummm so the way it happened is umm… I was with one of my friends, and I had my phone with him, so I went home to fetch something and I was on my way back to where he was. He shouted “There’s an SMS that came in” and I told him “You can open, no problem”.  Then guess what the SMS was saying…
Please Call: It’s Over

xxx End xxx

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