WizibeatZ is a sound producer / Musician from Soshanguve in Pretoria


If You were not a Rapper or Producer, what would you be?

I would probably be an Astronomer because I Love Understanding Our Universe Better


When did you realize that you are a Producer and how did it happen?

I realized that I was a producer when Ambitiouz Entertainment were seeking to sign Me due to the Beats I used to do on My Spare Time

You’ve seen and experienced a lot in the Music industry, What is one Mistake that Upcoming Rappers do that makes their breakthrough slow in the game?

Youngins rush the Process and sign Deals without ever going through their Paper Work


Which Big song did You produce that put you on the Spotlight?

Areece ft Emtee – Couldnt

How was the response from your family and friends before and now towards your music?

They approve now because the Money rolls in quicker than how they Expected

Now they Vouch for Me 😂


WiziBeatz… what is the story behind this stage name?

Wizi means Thief
So I thought of Myself as the guy whos gona Steal the Hip hop Game via Production.
I’m still on that mission


Few years to come, where will Wizibeatz be?

I want to work with Dr Dre and do a song with Drake


Watch WizibeatZ – My Nigga ft Chezman in the link below:


What are 5 things you cant live without?

Music and my daughter
Those factors give mr strength to push more


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Twitter – @WiziBeatZ


Shout Outs

Shout out to Kalawa Jazmee and more specifically the late “Mjokes” for believing in me

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