YoungGoofy & KB The Rapper, both rap artists from Cape Town,  South Africa are back at it again with another fantastic music video. They definitely planning to go hard this 2020.
The new track is titled “Main Ou Cover” and is 03min and 48secs in length. This is a cover song that was originally done by Youngsta CPT and AKA, 2 of South Africa’s most recognized artists. When listening to the lyrics done on the cover track it is clear that both artist are not out here to play but are taking their music careers seriously.
The music video shoot took place in Elsies River, Cape Town. The two rappers managed to come together with their producer & videographer to create a fantastic video. The video and song portrayed 2 different kind of emotions. One scene showing how the rappers came up with only having their homies/friends in the background to fill up the video, and the second scene portraying a whole new school vibe with flashy cars and money showing how their careers are elevating.
Even though this was only a cover song , the 2 rappers showed how they can take on any beat and make a hit out of it . Both rappers come with great lyrics and flows that keeps you captured to the screen making you want to see what comes next.
The change up on the chorus is totally amazing and so so original. YoungGoofy YG has a great delivery on the chorus, showing a great amount of energy and the “Oh Ja” makes you just want to sing along and groove with the artists while listening to their story.
The music video was shot by M.Chada Smart Beat. The quality of the video is imaculant and we need to give a huge shoutout to Smart Productions as well as @mchdasmartbeat for directing this master piece.
The song itself also features on Soundcloud and the music video can be found on youtube , Facebook and Instagram too. Just search and follow @younggoofy_yg and @kb_therapper for more great videos

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